About NWLA Military Support Foundation

The Northwest Louisiana Military Support Foundation is a foundation that coordinates community support for our military families within Northwest Louisiana.

Our vision is to have a community where military families are celebrated, supported and recognized for their sacrifices.

Founded initially in 2009 as SB Squared (Shreveport-Bossier Supports Barksdale), this nonprofit came under the umbrella of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce in 2014. The name change was a result of expanding the reach of this organization to serve ALL military families living and serving in the northwest Louisiana region.

Who we serve

Support of our military families is key, as the northwest Louisiana area is home to approximately:

  • 8,000+
    Active Duty Air Force
  • 1,500
    Army Reserve
  • 200
    Navy Reserve
  • 15
    Active Navy
  • 200
    Marine Reserve
  • 11
    Active Marine
  • 1700
    Air Force Reserve
  • 20
    Active Duty Army
  • 2,000
    LA Army National Guard


  • Our organization supports families of all branches of the military represented in all of northwest Louisiana, including active duty, reserve and guard.
  • Bossier City is home to Barksdale Air Force Base as well as reserve units from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and National Guard stationed here locally.
  • Our foundation’s goal mirrors that of this community – to show our military families the appreciation we have for them and their sacrifices.
  • The foundation seeks to be readily available to support our military families at all times, just as they are always ready to support us.

Board Members

Chris Steinsholt- President
Suzette Hadden- Treasurer
West Anderson, Col. (ret)
Georgette Price
Sandy Cimino
Pat Presley
Catherine Vanderberry
Avery Shaw
Donna Johnson
Kathy French
Jennifer Watson
Evan Harris
Lisa Johnson
Kattie Hollay